Body Contouring
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Body Contouring

Ultrasonic cavitation is a body contouring treatment that relies on ultrasound technology to break apart fat cells and remove fat deposits under your skin. Ultrasound waves are sent deep into the layers of your skin, causing a disruptive vibration. Fat cells then break apart from each other and are dislodged from your dermal layers.

After a few days, the fat cells are absorbed by your lymphatic system and drained as waste from your body. Ultrasonic cavitation targets small areas of fat and helps contour your body. It isn’t a treatment for people who are trying to lose a lot of weight, rather those who are trying to lose body fat.

The ideal candidate for ultrasonic cavitation:

is in good overall health;
doesn’t smoke;
has realistic expectations;
has a well-balanced, nutritional regime; and
is within 6 kilograms of their goal weight

The procedure for ultrasonic cavitation is pretty straightforward. A handheld ultrasound device is slowly manipulated over the target area. Typically a warm sensation is felt together with hearing a buzzing sound.

Like radiofrequency, it’s a lunch break thing! Treatments typically take between 40 minutes for two areas and there is no downtime at all! Also like radiofrequency, don’t expect to see results right away. It takes time for your body to break down and dissolve the fat cells that have been dislodged.

A minimum course of six treatments is required and 12 is preferable. We recommend treatments every four days and weekly as a minimum. On average, treatment requires 1 to 3 visits for visible results and final results can be seen within 6 to 12 weeks.

Before and after the treatment it is important to hydrate as much as possible to help the body flush the fatty cells through the lymphatic system and we also recommend a minimum of 30 minutes elevate heart rate exercise after the treatment to encourage lymphatic drainage.

Results of this treatment are permanent, as long as a healthy diet and exercise is maintained. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, fat deposits may return to areas that have been treated.

A great option is to combine this treatment with radio frequency skin tightening – the two treatments work hand in hand to reduce fat and tighten loosened skin.