Cosmetic Injections

Skin is not the only thing we are in!

Many Australian’s are wary of cosmetic injections and some people often take up to 10 years before taking the plunge, conscious of societal norms in Australia. However, if your interest has peaked in exploring cosmetic injections, then you have come to the right place.

Shona, our aesthetics practitioner, believes in aging well and will help you look and feel fresher without a trace of treatment.  Shona is deeply committed to Cosmetic Medicine to help you feel and look your best and is fully trained using the latest innovative products of the highest quality.  She provides science-based aesthetic solutions and a Total Face Approach to treatment planning ensuring you are knowledgeable and comfortable every step of the way and that you achieve a great outcome by focusing on a step by step approach to rejuvenation to create a very natural looking result.  There are no obvious signs you have had a treatment if that’s your preference.

Cosmetic injections are not only for facial rejuvenation but can also help with body enhancements and medical conditions such as trapezius muscle reduction to create a smoother contour in the neck and shoulder, calf slimming by controlling the gastrocnemius muscles, sub-conscious teeth grinding by injecting the masseter muscle and hair loss.

Services include Injectable Muscle Relaxant (anti-wrinkle injections for face, body, masseters, hyperhidrosis), dermal fillers, platelet rich plasma (PRP), fat dissolving, skin boosters and hydrators, aquagold and threading.

It matters who does your cosmetic injections – it really is an art and you want find an artist whose work you like.  Every practitioner has different philosophies, techniques, and levels of experience so we recommend a consultation prior to treatment to ensure you’re fully comfortable and understand the procedure —it’s your face and body after all.

Consultations require a $50 booking fee which is deducted from the price of your treatment should you decide to proceed.

The price of cosmetic injections will depend on the service you require and the quantity of product utilised to achieve the optimum results.

Competitive pricing is offered on standard treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and lip and check fillers however the more advanced treatments will require a full consultation to formulate a treatment plan.

If you are unsure or never had cosmetic injections before the best starting point is a no-obligation consultation to discuss what you would like to achieve.