Moles Skin Tags & Warts

Moles, skin tags and warts can often be unsightly, irritating and cause concern for some.  

If you have unwanted moles, skin tags and warts and want to remove them from your skin, we can help.  The process is a simple, quick, relatively painless and affordable with no downtime.  

Absence of any downtime also means fewer side effects. Minimal redness is experienced by most patients and potential swelling fades away in about an hour. Other side effects can include burning sensation surrounding the area receiving treatment and this is comparable to a minor sun burn or a temporary blistering.

Our state of the art Clarity II laser is capable of targeting imperfections lying beneath skin layers without causing any damage to the surface.  You may need more than one treatment and this is determined by how many lesions you are wanting to remove and their severity.  We can also treat seborrheic keratoses and other raised lesions including planta warts (verruca plantar).